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LCR-Reader Professional

LCR-Reader Professional is an LCR-Reader task kit that includes:
  • LCR-Reader
  • Spare bent tips
  • Spare battery
  • Charger
  • Connector PCB
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • 2 Year warranty

This also comes with paper manual and quickstart guide.

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Note: LCR-Reader comes with carrying case and pre-installed straight tips

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3 x ST2/STIC Housing
2 x OLED Screen for Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader
5 x Flex Cable
5 x Smart Tweezers ST-5S
7 x LCR-Reader
5 x Extra-Fine Pin Probe for Probe Connector
4 x Fine Pin Probe for Probe Connector
6 x LCR-Reader-MPA (black display)
5 x LCR-Reader Colibri Pro
8 x LCR-Reader-MPAL Low Frequency
7 x LCR-Reader-MPA Pro Grey
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2 x Top Housing
3 x Tweezer Arms
3 x Bottom Housing Case
2 x Smart Tweezers/LCR-Reader Connector PCB
3 x LCR-Reader Spare Tweezer Tips
6 x ST-5 Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
6 x MicroTec-4.24 Professional version
5 x MicroTec-4.24 Student version*
5 x MicroTec Academic Annual Fee
4 x ST-3 Rechargeable NiMH Battery
5 x ST-5S Task Kit with Spare Tips
4 x MicroTec Pro Annual Fee
5 x ST-5S Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
4 x ST-3 Disposable Batteries (Pack of 10)
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5 x Smart Tweezers ST-5S Pro
2 x Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT with Bluetooth and Receiver Stick
4 x LCR-Reader Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
2 x European Power Outlet Adapter
2 x LCR-Reader Ring Coil Tester
5 x LCR-Reader Task Kit with Extra Tips, Bent Tips and Charger
2 x SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers
5 x MicroTec Student Annual Fee
3 x LCR-Reader Task Kit with Precision Tips and Bent Tips
2 x MicroTec-4.24 Academic Version*
3 x LCR-Reader Task Kit with Spare Tips
3 x MicroTec 4.24 Student version 4-month License*
3 x LCR-Reader Task Kit with Precision Tips
3 x LCR-Reader Task Kit with Spare Tips and Bent Tips
3 x LCR-Reader Task Kit with Bent Tips
4 x ST-5S Task Kit with Precision and Bent Tips
5 x ST-5S Task Kit with Precision Tips, Bent Tips, and Battery
3 x ST-5S Task Kit with Spare Tips and Bent Tips
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