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MicroTec Pro Annual Fee

MicroTec Professional Annual Fee

MicroTec is an educational software for semiconductor process and device simulation.

MicroTec includes three main software tools:

  • SiDif for 2D semiconductor process simulation including implantation, diffusion, oxidation and epitaxy
  • SemSim for steady-state 2D semiconductor device simulation
  • SibGraf for 2D and 1D graphics

The latest version offers new features such as graphical device structure editor, non-planar device modeling capability, etc.

For more information: MicroTec

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22 x European Power Outlet Adapter
22 x LCR-Reader Spare Tweezer Tips
28 x LCR-Reader Ring Coil Tester
45 x LCR-Reader Pro Plus
38 x LCR-Reader Kelvin Probe Connector
22 x Smart Tweezers/LCR-Reader Connector PCB
36 x LCR-Reader-MPA BT: Bluetooth (Black)
26 x Bottom Housing Case
34 x LCR-Reader-MPAL Low Frequency
15 x LCR-Reader Task Kit with Extra Tips, Bent Tips and Charger
34 x LCR-Reader-MPA BT: Bluetooth (Grey)
27 x Flex Cable
37 x LCR-Reader-MPA Pro Black
17 x SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers
15 x Smart Tweezers ST-3 Replacement Tips Straight
24 x ST2/STIC Housing
31 x ST-5 Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
20 x OLED Screen for Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader
24 x Top Housing
3 x ST-5/ST-5S Spare Tips Straight
5 x Smart Tweezers ST-5S Pro
2 x ST-5S Task Kit with Spare Tips and Battery
4 x LCR-Reader Task Kit with Precision Tips
2 x LCR-Reader/ST-5S USB Charger
4 x LCR-Reader Task Kit with Spare Tips
2 x ST-5S Task Kit with Spare Tips, Bent Tips and Battery
9 x LCR-Reader Professional
5 x LCR-Reader Colibri
4 x LCR-Reader Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
3 x ST-5S Task Kit with Precision Tips, Bent Tips, and Battery
3 x LCR-Reader Task Kit with Spare Tips and Bent Tips
3 x ST-3 Disposable Batteries (Pack of 10)
3 x MicroTec Pro Annual Fee
3 x MicroTec-4.24 Professional version
6 x LCR-Reader Colibri Pro
4 x Fine Pin Probe for Probe Connector
3 x Tweezer Arms
2 x MicroTec Student Annual Fee
2 x Smart LED Test Tweezers
6 x Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT with Bluetooth and Receiver Stick
2 x Smart Tweezers Offset Calibration Board
3 x LCR-Reader Task Kit with Precision Tips and Bent Tips
5 x LCR-Reader-MPA Pro Grey
3 x Extra-Fine Pin Probe for Probe Connector
2 x MicroTec-4.24 Academic Version*
5 x LCR-Reader-MPA (black display)
2 x LCR-Reader Task Kit with Bent Tips
3 x LCR-Reader-MPA (grey display)
4 x LCR-Reader
3 x ST-3 Rechargeable NiMH Battery
3 x ST-5/ST-5S/LCR-Reader Spare Tips Bent
3 x MicroTec 4.24 Student version 4-month License*
4 x ST-5S Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
5 x Smart Tweezers ST-5S
1 x MicroTec Academic Annual Fee
2 x MicroTec-4.24 Student version*
2 x ST-5S Task Kit with Spare Tips and Bent Tips
1 x ST-5S Task Kit with Spare Tips
1 x ST-5S Task Kit with Precision and Bent Tips
2 x ST-5S Task Kit with Bent Tips and Battery
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