Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT with Bluetooth and Receiver Stick

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Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT is a Bluetooth enabled version of the ST-5S. This model offers the same features and functionality as the ST-5S with the added ability of remotely recording measurements in real-time.

The ST5S-BT connects using a Bluetooth USB receiver stick (required for use with PC and LabView?.) by opening a virtual serial port allowing users to connect to any communication software such as NI LabView? or free Tera Term software. In the future, there may be dedicated apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. The measurement values are sent in a string of comma separated values, ex: C1.398nF,R3.461kR,10kHz,0.5,S,,,,;

The string represents the Smart Tweezers screen at the time of measurement. It is explained as such: C1.398nF (main impedance value, C for Capacitance), R3.461kR (secondary value, R), 10kHz (test frequency), 0.5 (test signal level), S (measurement mode, S for Serial), and 4 reserved values.

The data sent can be saved into a file or documented as required; depending on the program, the data can be processed or saved into a database for later.

Features on Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT

  • Manual and automatic L, C, R, ESR and Z test modes
  • Basic accuracy of 0.2%
  • Component sorting with variable tolerances of 1%, 5%, 10% and 20%
  • Adjustable test signal levels
  • Continuity/diode/short testing
  • Parasitic offset subtraction
  • Extensive menus for customized measurements
  • 1 oz. weight
  • Hard-shelled carrying case
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • Li-Ion battery with micro-USB charger (included)
  • 4-way navigation joystick
  • Spare bent ergonomic tweezer tips
  • Offset Calibration Board
  • 2 Year warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency: 0.1, 0.12, 1, 10kHz +/- 0.005%
  • Test Signal Level: 0.45, 0.9 +/- 5% Vrms
  • Source Impedance: 62.5 Ω/1k Ω/16k Ω +/- 1%

Typical Accuracy

  • Resistance: 0.2%
  • Capacitance: 0.2%
  • Inductance: 0.2%

Measurement Range:

  • Resistance: 0.1 Ohm to 10 Mohms
  • Capacitance: 0.5 pF to 1 mF
  • Inductance: 0.5 uH to 1H

The USB Receiver stick is required for use with PC and NI LabView? Software. ST5S-BT can connect to Android without receiver stick

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